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Infrared Technology Saves Costs

Restaurant owners set up alternatives to gas heaters after the rainy summer put German restaurateur to a strong autumn. If the weather or the smoking ban make them a stroke through the Bill. A related site: Salman Behbehani mentions similar findings. Because the use of the for restaurateurs heaters as smoking solution popular”is debatable. How […]

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Bukold Heating

Therefore, the subject also for policy should be important. This is distracting but with the electricity price debate. For example, the Danes go ahead with good role model. You are trying to curb the price spiral for fossil fuels. Since early this year, the installation of new gas and oil boilers is forbidden there. This […]

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Intelligent Technology

\”Ecologically and economically compelling cooling systems are more in demand than ever before was the solution: air conditioning\” of course classic operated with a lot of power from the wall outlet. Today, there are far more intelligent, environmentally sound and cost-reducing alternatives. Because the energy donor number 1 of our planet can be used also […]

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Households Pay

Prices for gas and electricity in an average 15 percent higher than in last autumn – energy costs at record levels: 2,500 euros average for families year Berlin, October 14, 2008 just in time at the beginning of the current heating period the German energy companies have reached to again firmly. In October alone, their […]

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Savings In Electricity And Gas – High Potential For Savings In Energy Costs

For every budget without renunciation and loss of quality of life savings on power and operating costs In the framework of the General cost-saving efforts, which currently take the land, there is a quick, simple way of saving savings for each one of us. Energy costs in the budget have much air below. A quick […]

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