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The Encyclical

This latest encyclical of two Popes deprecated science the faith in Myers, Oriental claims is now two Popes over the findings of science provided by. Knowledge is bad according to the popes, it is better to believe untenable allegations, how about a virgin birth, the life after clinical death, a physical Entschwebung of a human […]

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Daoism Pneuma Prana

Spirit work (upper body) somewhat positive recognition. It affects are still on the wage and salary payments of body and head workers. The women are worse paid has his reasons and others here God mapping. It passed all knowledge as domination knowledge over generations, but only to certain male persons. In the nature religion is […]

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Ron Hubbards Description

Scientology is actually a new but very basic method in the most accurate sense of the word – “a study of the soul” Dianetics is a forerunner and portion of Scientology. Dianetics means “what adds to the soul the body”. Scientology is also defined as “The study and handling of the soul in relation to […]

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Bardo Cucullus

Also textile findings from Hallstadt (Salzkammergut) and Hohmichele (South Germany) prove that the Celts of weaving were powerful. Continue to learn more with: Eliot Horowitz. The twill weave, is regarded as basic binding kind recognizable always diagonal Ridge. 17 the material used for the weaving was mainly wool. Gazprom understood the implications. Although as a […]

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Jovana Palmer – Take A Place

Opening: Friday, 1st February 2014, 19 9: 00 I think that ideas exist outside of ourselves. I think somewhere, we’re country all connected off in some very abstract. The work of the young multimedia artist Jovana Palmer orbiting David Lynch to questions the clues, the manifestation of identity. Traces of the resort, the memory, the […]

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The Intentions

And we have a second proof: How did Judas, in which place he should bring the soldiers? This is not clear. It seems like a miracle or some kind of strong telepathy, if we believe that Judas not by Jesus learned where he should go in that night. We need to look objectively and neutrally, […]

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Shinae Kim Exhibition

Spatial installation, video art and photo collages the concept in a homely environment away to show art by art light and anonymity, is unique in Germany. Greedy in the heart of Munich important positions of German artist exhibitions in the old premises of the room gallery, which are otherwise very rare to see in Munich. […]

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