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Sepp Herberger In The Train From Berne To Germany

Original films of Deutsche Bahn from 1954 Kempten surfaced, October 2009 Sepp Herberger in the train from Berne back to Germany: the winning team of 1954, he celebrates in the train compartment of the Deutsche Bahn. To see in old original movies of the Deutsche Bahn. For many years the films of the 1950s and […]

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Free Ticket To Independence

“With a”ticket to independence”,”Bo”Boom Boom A free ride hosts parties with the project” has Germany’s largest independent mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel, the first 6-month scholarship for artistic freedom and independence”at the Hamburg musician Bo” award. Over a period of 6 months (April to September 2010), this will be the musician Bo”given the opportunity, regardless of […]

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