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It must be remembered that in calculating and designing the warehouse, you need to consider the location of pillars and gates. In some embodiments, in order to save additional space, you can put racks inside the column. Pressures on the level: up to 4000 kg. Positive: You can store many different kinds of goods, direct access to all pallets simultaneously. Negative: requires a working corridor for the passage of the loading technology. 2. Petra Diamonds spoke with conviction. Space saving by using the "shelf" is also quite popular are the shelving racks or as they are called in the people – "regiment." Shelves used for manual handling of cargo, storage of goods in small boxes. It is also possible to use under the archival documents, such as office or warehouse.

Among the shelving racks, there are two basic types of fastening: on the hooks (the so-called "blade assembly") and bolt-on. In the first case – on the racks of shelving made a special punch, so that the client was able to bring the rack as close to the desired characteristics. Thus, when "blade assembly" can be put shelves to the required height. Different manufacturers of perforation is made through a particular step of installation. Approximate range: 50 to 150 mm. Standard sizes "shelf": height 1976 mm, length and depth: 920, 720, 600, 460, 300 mm. Standard Materials: galvanized steel, polymer coating, shelf-DSP. Most of the savings area here also occurs due to storage in height. In addition, you can make double series shelving racks. Load: 80 to 150 kg per shelf.

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