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At the global level should be raised a short-term project to take action. It is said that in this century the Earth's global temperature will increase by 1-6 degrees, you may not think anything at first glance. But rising by degrees bring drastic consequences.’>Pcperformer often addresses the matter in his writings. When the soil reaches the third degree of increase is no longer being able to do anything, because the heat is going to get out of hand and caused the disappearance of the Amazon because of huge fires that will be impossible to stop, that's very serious because automatically cause the temperature to rise 1 or 2 degrees. Well the fourth grade, sea level rise because of melting icecaps of Antarctica, disappearing all coastal countries, meaning that the South American coast 1eras will be seriously affected. Besides the melting in Antarctica today is a reality.

This happening in a more accelerated than predicted. The volume containing all the ice masses on the planet, could cause sea level rise of 60-70 m! You will see Superstorms never seen before, huge disaster and this will happen much sooner than we think, perhaps until we live it ourselves, but so are our children. These are some of the many consequences of climate change will bring and Indeed perhaps there are many other things that we do not know, and that not imagine that can happen. Climate change and we are living. Major natural disasters that occur every few decades before, now more and more often occur. These phenomena occur with increasing frequency and more intensity.

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