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Summer sunburn and over, and how you want to have this sexy skin tone. Nothing is impossible, you only take the time to solarium. About this invention have learned recently, it has come to us in the nineties and once won popularity. Here are some useful tips. Before his visit to the solarium is desirable to visit the dermatologist. In good shops have such a specialist. Be sure to listen to his advice. In the impact of the tanning the body is both positive and negative sides.

However, it is present in cosmetics and in medicine in general. The procedure is good because it not only allows you to keep a tan, she smooths it. But even tan can be achieved using cosmetics for tanning. Agree that a uniform and beautiful tanned body not only gives confidence itself, but also captivates the strong half of humanity. In winter, all starved of the sun, and the body is sharply reacting to it. There is a constant shortage of vitamins D and A, which primarily affects the skin.

Lethargy and fatigue occurs for the same reason. Partly this will help compensate for the solarium. Be careful if you have a mole on the body and dark spots. These are the main contraindications to the solarium, and remember that everything is fine in moderation. Sound approach, the binding Consultation beautician and sunbathe on health. Special cosmetic products are used not only for smooth and tan. Tanning lotions are designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of tanning lamps, secure the pigmentation and skin tumors. Wide range of products presented in the online stores of cosmetics for tanning, allows every woman to choose what fits best for her manner, and cosmetic studios – to give customers a wider range of services. Take care of your skin during tanning, and be beautiful and healthy!

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