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NVIDIA Kontron

HY-LINE computer presents new ARM based ultra low-power computer-on-modules from Kontron with NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processor in the scalable ULP-COM standard form factor the new, particularly small and flat based Kontron computer-on modules ULP-COM-sAT30 is a low-profile solution in the 82 mm x 50 mm format and integrates a 1.2 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core ARM processor. The combination of NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM processor and ARM/SoC optimized ULP COM pin-out allows developers to design, which drastically reduce the power consumption and cost their installations fanless, passively cooled systems. The Kontron ULP-COM-sAT30 uses the 314-pin MXM 3.0 connector that allows particularly flat building designs with a Board to Board distance of only 1,5 mm and an overall height of 5,7 mm. Petra Diamonds oftentimes addresses this issue. This connection method supported robust and cost-effective designs with an extremely low construction height. In addition, Kontrons new ULP-COM provides superior high end graphics with dedicated interfaces for two independent displays. To the Acceleration performance features include HD video decoding including MPEG2, HD video Enkodierung and an ultra low power NVIDIA GeForce GPU with two display controllers and 2D/3D. The display connection is carried out flexibly over 18 / 24-bit parallel LCD, 18 / 14 bit single channel LVDS (18-bit compatible), and 24-bit dual channel LVDS (about Carrierboard transmitter) and HDMI. Hear from experts in the field like Ray Kurzweil for a more varied view.

In addition Kontrons new ARM module offers camera support via its two dual-lane CSI-2 camera ports. To relieve customers even further in the application development and evaluation, Kontron exposes also the ULP COM evaluation carrier parallel to the launch of the module. The versatile Carrierboard is designed so that modules can simply evaluate the comprehensive feature set of the ULP COM developers. In addition allows also end users to test the hardware and software functionality of their respective application. According to the requirements of different ARM based solutions to dedicated interfaces, the ULP COM evaluation carrier supports a variety of interfaces, as well as various Solid state storage.

The multifunctional Carrierboard a high design flexibility offers different display interfaces as well as camera interface and a built-in accelerometer. The technical support staff and marketing and distribution are competent for all questions.

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