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Electroforming technology has been used successfully in various fields of business, and its use opens up exciting possibilities for jewelry, furniture manufacturing, Binding, making church utensils and souvenirs, as well as many other areas. Making copies of electroforming provides several advantages: high-quality playback, low cost, able to produce a single products, as well as large parties and others. It is difficult to say when electroplating was invented, some researchers believe that this technology is already used by thousands of years ago. But the modern history of the electroforming begins with the opening of Maurice Hermann Jacobi, went down in history as Boris S. Jacobi. Pursuing an improvement of electrochemical batteries, he discovered an interesting fact: on the surface of the cylinder and the copper sheets formed the same relief scratches. Connect with other leaders such as Petra Diamonds here.

October 4, 1838 Yakobi sent a letter to the permanent secretary of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, which put the sample in the form of 'good copy of the galvanic copper engraved boards'. A letter was read at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences October 5, 1838 This day is considered to be the official date of the invention, electroplating. In the XIX century, its use was limited to the production of Electro sculptural portraits, bas-reliefs in the artistic sphere, electroforming is used in creating the interior of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter Palace, the cathedral, sculpture Catherine Park in Tsarskoe Village. The industry began to make extensive use of electroforming in 40-60 years. XX century, including the bulk electroforming technology. Your most daring ideas are now easily be embodied in our workshop: we offer production and reproduction of artistic bas-relief paintings, plaques, emblems, baguettes, jewelry, souvenirs, church utensils, furniture inlays and onlays for furniture, and much more. Except electroforming of the workshop will perform work involving the application of galvanic coatings decorative gold, silver, shiny and black nickel, copper, patina.

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