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The concept uses contractions muscular concentrical, eccentric and static, combined with graduated resistance and adjusted facilitatrios procedures, all adjusted to reach the necessities of each patient (Adler et al., 2007). As Strokes (2000), the manifestations are primary they and/or secondary they can be prevented with precocious treatment, and if already they will be installed, can be brightened up. Of this form this study of case, objective to verify the improvement of the control of trunk in a patient with DVE in chronic phase with the use of concept FNP. SUBSTANCES AND METHODS the research was submitted to the approval of the Committee of Ethics in Research, as the 196 Resolution n, of 10 of October of 1996. After the approval, the treatment was applied in a period of two months, with a total of twenty and six consultations, frequently of three times in the week, where the same the patient on its was preceded of orientaes application, of the objective of the study and to be used instrument. The patient was observed and treated in a private space inside to the Clinical Fisiobarra school (UNESA), being possible its accomplishment is not of the determined scope, since, this could cause interference of third, bringing with this, not trustworth information for the study in question.

Being presented the patient a Term of Assent Free and Clarified (Attached I) explaining the objective of the research so that she is authorized its participation. One is about a qualitative study of field, with period of two months, quantitative character quali and, having as abrangncia to the areas of applied Neurology the Fisioterapia. Knowing that the precocious evaluation of the trunk has been considered as an important preditor of the motor and functional recovery after the DVE. The evaluation of the patient was carried through a proper protocol with: progressions in supino as the functions of raising, seating, and change of decubitus being all chronometered as: dorsal decubitus for right lateral decubitus and dorsal decubitus for left lateral decubitus, seated, seated dorsal decubitus for stops of foot, where it was verified through the time the position changes, being also carried through test of the antagonistic control of the muscles of the trunk with the patient seated with the hands in the thigh carrying through the extension of trunk, lateral inclination in such a way for the right side as for the left side and the patient in ventral decubitus with extension of trunk, standing out that the patient remained in this position until its limit, where the adopted positions, as the progressions, had been chronometered by the digital chronometer portable model COMPACT DISC 2800- 04057 Instrutherm mark, where the marking of the initial and final time is carried through for one of the appraisers, and the gauging of the arterial pressure before and after each treatment.

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