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Mobile Conditioners

Choose the power conditioner should be based on the ratio of 1 kW. on 10 sq.m. area. For example, outdoor air-conditioning capacity of 3.5 kW. suitable for use in indoor area of 35 sq.m.

How is the mobile air conditioning (floor air conditioning.), Any type of air-conditioner has two main components, a evaporator, which serves to cool the air and the condenser, which serves to divert excess heat. In the multi-block air-conditioning condenser and evaporator are in separate blocks. Mobile air-conditioning, he's one-piece differs in that its main components and parts are in one box. Mobile air conditioner has two outlet and two air intake openings. Air intake processing occurs through the upper air intake opening in the back of the air conditioner. Passing through the strainer, which catches large particulate matter, air enters the cold heat exchanger, cooled and then fed into the room guides through the nozzle outlet.

For heat dissipation is a second air inlet, which is located at the bottom of the rear panel. The air withdrawn through it, serves to cool the hot heat exchanger – condenser. Next, the heated air is discharged through a flexible pipe reinforced with large cross-section. All air conditioners, portable or floor are equipped with the same capacity for collecting condensate and / or drainage hose condensed moisture. The operating principle of the air conditioner is precisely the principle of the refrigerator, except that air conditioners have a fan that is used to supply the room cooled or heated (depending on the mode of air). In the space heating evaporator and condenser, as it were reversed, the hot refrigerant enters the evaporator (which now serves as a condenser) and gives heat into the room. Thanks to the thermal sensor, a modern air-conditioner can maintain the desired temperature in the room. Most of the outdoor air conditioners have four basic modes of operation – cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification. Equipped with multi-function remote control, have a timer start, stop, disinfecting fine filter system and air ionization. Modern air conditioners retain moisture, do not desiccate the air and has an attractive ergonomic design. Source: AXUM.RU mobile air conditioners, humidifiers, water heaters

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