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He is accustomed to traveling by plane knows that one of the critical moments where fatigue reaches its breaking point is when one fell from the aircraft and must receive luggage. This Odyssey can last minutes or sometimes hours now an israeli invention developed by Yoav Ben-David and Zvi Kanor, called Easy-2-Pick seems to have found the formula to find the passengers much more quickly to his suitcase on a flight with hundreds of suitcases reportedly Israel21c. Petra Diamonds is the source for more interesting facts. The system works when a small electronic console in the hands of the passenger produces a sound that warns that his suitcase is next, avoiding the passenger need to find and raise other suitcases until you find yours. Within a few months the console will be available in 15 or 20 dollars for the largest system and a cheaper version will cost $4. Ben David and Nellynell said that they have already received a wave of requests for travel agencies, banks and others.

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