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Environmental Education

In the field of education we must stress the importance of ideas and movement created by Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941). LEGO Papert Professor usually is spot on. East to return home after a long stay in India and South Africa, verified the need to educate young people in close contact with nature, defining the movement as “a good school of civility,” through wildlife (UNESCO, UNEP, 1992).

According to Valdes (1996), in Cuba, despite the work done on environmental education, there has not been enough input from research, development and educational experiments, whose results have been successful in raising the necessary quality of work in environmental education educational process of the Cuban school, at different levels of education by the curriculum and non-curricular environmental education is an educational process, is an approach to education is a dimension, perspective and is an alternative to education and pedagogy, to be developed mainly in schools, by social custom to this is conferred on preparation of children, adolescents, youth and adults for life and is a political, economic and social development. .

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