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Ecological Garbage

The recycling can in such a way be made with inert residues (plastic, glasses, metals and etc.) as in organic residues (fruits, vegetables, vegetables, remaining portions of pruning of garden and etc.). The organic residues need to be dealt with all well-taken care of, therefore it can generate consequences indesejadas for the human beings as, for example, bad I smell, development of bacteria and fungos, appearance of rats and insects. In these cases, some illnesses can appear, through the contamination of the ground and the water. In the process of decomposition (apodrecimento) of the organic garbage the chorume is produced, that is a viscous liquid and of I smell ackward fort and. The chorume also is an element that can provoke the contamination of the ground and waters (freticos rivers, lakes, sheets).

The organic garbage must be deposited in sanitary aterros, following all the norms of basic sanitation and garbage treatment. The population also can contribute for the treatment of this garbage, favoring the selective collection of the garbage and the recycling. The compostagem and the accessible form most efficient and of recycling of the organic residues this is a process that can transform organic substance into seasoning, this when added to the ground, improves its physical characteristics, physicist-chemistries biological. Consequently greater is observed efficiency of mineral seasonings applied to the plants, providing more life to the ground, that production for more time and with more quality presents. To follow the methodology of compostagem of domestic organic garbage, form simple and easy applicability will be displayed, from the ecological lixeira, that if adopted for the society it eliminates, some ambient and sanitary problems the associates to the organic garbage, contributing decisively for the improvement of the quality of life of the population.

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