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Many enterprises have a wide representation of its products on the market produces a variety of pamphlets and books, catalogs. However, full-color prints in addition to its merits and have a mass of flaws: – development and printing such a catalog is expensive – impossible to predict in advance edition alone, often comes to overprint, and sometimes part of the directory is unused – this directory is rapidly becoming obsolete due to changes in product range, which necessitates further development and reprints. All these drawbacks are deprived of electronic catalogs, and their main advantages are as follows: – the cost of electronic publication significantly lower and comparable to the cost of its support (CD) – any edition can be made independently, without resorting to printing – provides printing on a printer of any chosen or all pages Catalog – an electronic directory will never become obsolete, as it may be a quick software update – electronic catalog of products allows you to split into groups and has a convenient search engine and contains much more information – optional built-in system allows potential customers to generate orders directly from the directory and send them to the supplier by E-mail; – ordering system supports the creation of price lists as of all goods and only selected items, prices can also be saved to a file and send it via e-mail or print out – a simple user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to work with any directory user – the directory does not require any special installation on your computer, simply insert the drive and directory to start automatically; Given the need and the undeniable benefits of electronic catalogs, many Soft-company develops and offers its software products to create them. .

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