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As much nicknames and rolls are implanted in the identity forming the attitude. These people to become thin are not an impossible mission, (they lower of weight and they return to raise); what it is to them impossible, unthinkable is to embrace the conviction of equality with respect to the other. One is a difficult mission unless a relaxation takes place and a significant change in his you bring back to consciousness. When these people begin to become thin begins to reveal themselves a new image of themselves. Frequently this image is intimidante, especially if it does not take care of with care and dedication, because the beliefs that from her derive will truly be able to dismantle the concept which they came maintaining with respect to themselves and of the transformations that their bodies and organisms can be able to produce.

It is comprehensible, therefore, the one that stops as much people, the bounces of weight comprise of their lives; they are the well-known and the relative, the key factor that are not possibly preparations to leave for always. The applied techniques of the Coaching to project To become thin promises changes in the cellular registry. Applying to the thought a precise direction the unconscious resistance will solely be able to revert the car-destructive conducts, and to demolish themselves. When these primary changes happen, all person in overweight begins to enjoy freely, not only of magnificent feelings of confidence, enthusiasm, joy or security but of the authentic benefits and opportunities that invariably come from a transformation from the root of the problem. Coaching to become thin does not consist of a treatment with psychological bases nor are its concentrated efforts in explayar itself in interpretations or the search of the cause. It consists of the exercise of the strategic thought applied and designed exclusively to the objective to correctly rule a plan of reduction of weight, to improve the physical appearance, the bond with the food and the own body. .

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