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Quality ‘made in Germany’ although does not deny that electronic devices almost exclusively only in the Asian region can be produced, but when it comes to a high-quality finish, based in all sectors of the economy to Europe. So also the online provider of automotive diagnostic equipment ‘ ‘. Although the company has manufactured the main components of the new generation of diagnostic scanner in Shenzhen, China, but everything else is ‘made in Germany’. The units are intended for the European market and have the languages Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. And also the processing quite convinced: the new model is covered with a rubber Schutzcase, which reduced damage in the daily operation of the application. To broaden your perception, visit Donny Lucas. Also, emphasis was placed so perfectly suited for use in the workshop on an oil-resistant membrane keyboard or stresses as by the company for use in the field of motor sport.

On the functions not much changed. As before the errors from the engine control unit selected and deleted. Of vehicle sensor values are displayed in form of a measuring curve as well. Cycles can be stored and later analysed on the PC and printed out. Also, the compatibility is tailored to support proven protocols on European vehicles. A rich accessory package with carrying case, cables, software, etc already has included in the affordable price of around 129. Also we have a special treat ‘ to the introduction of the ‘C-scan 2010’ thinking. “, stresses the management of the company. We will provide for the first time videos with guides, instructions, tips, and information for our customers but also for those interested in.” The launch is already under way.

Wed, November 15 2023 » News