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Old Drums

Did you know that the first musical instrument on the planet were just drums? With a stretch can be considered as first drum chest man – old people beat himself in the chest due to various reasons, removing a powerful sound. On have information that the progenitors of modern drum found in ancient Sumeria – they more than 3,000 years! In those days the drums used to create trance states with rites and rituals, as well as for warning or instruction of soldiers in battle – talking about this rock paintings found in Peruvian caves. Ancient drum was constructed in much the same as today – it consisted of a hollow barrels and stretched on both sides of the membranes. Read more here: Atmos Energy. Membrane pulling wires or cords of animals with the help of them used to configure the tool. As the membrane used animal skins and some Indian tribes used for this skin from the body of slain enemy, but the benefit of those days faded into oblivion, and now we are using plastics made of polymer compounds. Incidentally, the drum sticks came much later – the first sound of drum were removed by hand. Many of the rhythmic patterns that we use today, it came from antiquity, in particular from African tribal music.

Turkish tribes were the first to be used for game dishes. First this pedal for bass drum William F. Ludwig invented in 1909 and the first 'PTO' patented by DW. Synthetic plastics manufacturers have applied for the first time Evans and Remo. As a result, some time later, there was large variety of drums and percussion instruments of various tribes and civilizations. How does all of this formed a drum set, familiar to our view today? Read about it here: History drums.

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