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Conceptual maps & Diagrams V. Porto Alegre, 2006,103 pages. 2. SYNTHESIS OF the WORKMANSHIP CONCEPTUAL MAPS Moreira (2006) when writing this book on conceptual maps & diagrams V say that: ‘ ‘ conceptual maps are only diagrams that indicate relations between concepts.

Its existence drift of the conceptual structure of one conhecimento’ ‘. It is a book with two independent texts, each one with its proper structure, being able to be separate one of the other without agreement problems, however very related. The first one, speaks on maps constructed on of concepts and its contextual interrelaes. As, it speaks on the understanding of the structure of the process of knowledge production or to extract the research article knowledge, book chapters and others. In the book, the maps presented for the author show some examples of construction of concepts, since the most simplified, until most complex. They can be constructed from any discipline or contents and, facilitate the learning, knowledge.

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