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Trafico Servant NTP

It is reported that exists so many cars in the highway as homes and that stops to prove would take it only a brief trip in rush hour to realize of which this is very certain. Congestion is a great problem in our towns and cities and to control this traffic and to maintain it in movement are one of the most essential aspects of the reduction of congestion. The security is also a preoccupation in our highways since the possibilities that all those vehicles that travel around without surprising themselves among them occasionally are near zero, but the problem can be exemplified by the bad management of the traffic. When one is to control the flows of traffic of our cities there are no more arms than the humble traffic light. In some cities these devices are simple synchronous lights that they stop the traffic in a route they vice versa allow and it in the other and.

Nevertheless, the potential of how the traffic light can reduce congestion is now being realised, and thanks to the synchronization per millisecond by means of servants NTP it is reducing drastically congestion in the main cities of the world. Instead of to limit itself simple segments of time of green, red amber and, the traffic light can respond to the needs of the highway, which allows more cars to go in a direction and while in others it is reduced. Also they are possible to be used altogether with others allowing green light for the cars in main lines. Nevertheless, all this is only possible if the system of traffic lights in all the city is synchronous and it only can be obtained with a servant of hour NTP. NTP (Network Time Protocol) is an algorithm that is used widely for the effects of the synchronization. A servant NTP will normally receive a hour signal of a precise source (an atomic clock) and software NTP distributes between all the devices in a network (in this case the traffic light). Servant NTP continuously will control the time of each device and will assure that he corresponds to the hour signal, assuring that all the devices (traffic lights) are perfectly synchronous altogether allowing that all the system of traffic lights is managed like a unique and flexible system of management of traffic instead of at random individual lights.

Sun, March 6 2016 » News