Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Sun Protection

Markilux 990 – modern, beautifully designed, and also little space suitable for the summer can come. Because 990 provides new, stylish shadow from now the new markilux slim and shapely makes good in every situation. Thanks to her predecessor for many years proven technology, the small cassette awning offers perfect protection against the weather. And […]

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Valora company professional NOVA renovated flat roofs with patented concept! The company professional NOVA concept GmbH & CoKG founded 2006 after grant of a patent to the flat roof-Abfangung and rehabilitation. Initial situation: The roof is one of the most stressed components of a building. Extreme rain, heavy wind, tons of heavy snow and permafrost […]

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Tubular Time

Tamper-resistant mechanism and cutting-edge reading technologies section is the abbreviation for prime key technology, the mechatronic access control system from primion allowing without additional wiring access permissions on each door by door hardware and digital cylinders. The pkt Universal fitting offers all the features an offline component: the access rights can be managed comfortably through […]

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Visionary Heat Technology

Westfa: A heating system design accents particularly in the segment of the solitary architectural design and energy efficiency requirements are increased. Representative zero-emission buildings become a model for sustainable building by the exception object. Who wants to set new standards as an architect not only in the aesthetic but also in technology, innovative solutions are […]

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