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Repair PVC Windows

Over the years, new windows can lose their healthy qualities. The most frequent problems faced by owners of pvc windows – it drafts (due to cracks formed in the frame), the fungus on different parts of the window, freezing glasses, wear accessories. These troubles are deprived of your comfort at home, but they can be easily remedied. Drafts in the house most frequent reason for calling the repairman pvc windows – drafts in the apartment. Some unscrupulous manufacturers do not install an internal hardware, which is necessary for tight shut-off valve. Therefore, the frame is badly pressed and constantly misses the cold air.

Podduvanie occur in a careless handling of the frame – a sharp and rough opening / closing doors, if not properly mounted; because the profile, which cracked in the cold, etc. An experienced specialist will eliminate such problems are easily and quickly: check and set accessories, fixed slopes, will replace the seals in the frame. After work, your window will again protect the house from the weather. Freezing of the glass If you decide to replace wood windows with plastic, be sure to consider the size of profile. Because of inconsistencies in the deepening of the wall and the thickness of the frame, the glass will be insulated from the air stream coming from the radiators. Because of this condensation and, consequently, the glass frozen. Also do not forget construction glass, it also depends on the air permeability.

Want to have a window does not freeze at the edges? Then, when choosing a window stop for insulated profile, and you get rid of this problem. Fungus on the windows areas with high humidity are often on the walls and windows form harmful microorganisms – fungi, mold. They not only spoil the appearance of the house, but also very unhealthy. Proved that the fungus can cause allergies and inflammatory diseases. The reason for this phenomenon, usually lies in poor air exchange, ventilation, broken or loose adjacency balcony wall. In any case, to remove the fungus itself is unlikely. It is better to entrust it to a specialist, he is treated with a special sealant joints on the walls, fixed hardware profile, establish ventilation windows. As you can see, small and seemingly minor details are very important. Pay little attention to their windows and they will long continue to perform its functions.

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