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Modern Electrical Devices

In order to measure some of the electrical values apply technical devices. Electrical appliances need to measure voltage, resistance, current and other electrical parameters. They classified into analog and digital. Their main difference is the form displays: using arrows or a digital display. Now there is a definite tendency toward the use of digital appliances, as analog model essentially they lose. While low cost is often attracts many to the acquisition of analogue electrical measuring devices.

Indicators and Indices voltage. Looking for the presence or absence voltage electrical appliances ac or dc power up to 1000V. For these purposes, typically use a variety of devices, but is the most popular device for this – Voltage UNN-1 nw pi. Principle operation of these devices placed in converting electrical signals into light. Indicator light is compared with the values of the scale, and thus controlled by the presence of voltage. If it is not lit, it means that at the moment, for whatever reason, there is no voltage.

Determine the phases of alternating current and the polarity of the dc as easily through these devices. Ammeters. The devices, which allow measure the battery charge. Stress – a criterion for measuring the charge in the battery. The most popular model – the ammeter SH4565-1TSP. These ammeters previously been used in every car. In today's car is missing, so allowed to use only his ammeter in manual mode. Voltmeters. Voltmeters usually determine the dc voltage. They are also used for the measurement mode the battery.

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