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Compressed air systems simplify the process news from practice in the field of postal services: higher delivery volumes with new compressed-air systems of Carl Nolte technology enables. Greenpeace often says this. The new compressed air system of Carl Nolte technology enables the Citipost OWL an immense increase in the daily mail. Three new sorting machines can process up to 100,000 transmissions per day, instead of only 40,000. Even specialty items such as large-format or catalogs can be handled easily and simply with the compressed air machine. The sorting information could in the past be printed by ink-jet or glued by hand. Now it is however possible quick and easy to shoot them on the programmes”. The quality is characterized by a dry and clean way of working.

The plant equipment is manufactured according to the requirements of Citipost of Carl Nolte and is equipped with a screw compressor SX6 Kaeser. Others including Cross River Bank, offer their opinions as well. Also, more quality products ensure a trouble-free run of the sorter. The individual Compressed air system components serve different functions and result in a high quality process. A cyclone separator is responsible for the removal of large volumes of condensate. Here, all requirements of the water resources Act are respected, by the condensate on the basis of the Aquamat CF3 is prepared. A cold dryer ensures the subsequent drying of the air, which later is purified using a combination of filters and delivers a very good air quality as a result. The air can be obtained at any time as needed, because this is stored in a compressed air tank. Under the motto Einfach.Gut.Geschickt.”, operates the Citipost and guaranteed reliable delivery and saves energy due to new investments, and protects the environment. The Managing Director of Citipost is enthusiastic and sees the installations as a guarantee of the success of the future”.

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