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Classification Introduction Of The Common Mineral

What is a mineral? what are the common minerals? The mineral refers to the nature elements or natural compounds that have fixed chemical composition and physical and chemical properties after going through the natural physical and chemical effects and biochemical role in the earth s crust, the minerals are part of rock and ore minerals. In addition to the few native gold (Au), natural silver (Ag), natural copper (Cu), natural sulfur (S), graphite (C), diamond (C) and other natural elements, the vast majority of minerals are natural compounds, such as magnetic iron ore (Fe3O4), quartz (SiO2), galena (PbS), chalcopyrite (CuFeS2). The vast majority of ore morphologies are solid, of course, there are a small number of the liquid (such as natural mercury) or gas (such as carbonic acid gas). At present, there are over 3500 kinds of known minerals, only 200 kinds of minerals can be utilized under the existing conditions. What is rock? What is the ore? That substances that constitute the earth s crust (lithosphere) is called rock. Rocks are the mineral aggregates composed by one or more minerals in various geological effects, the rocks that primarily composed by single mineral composition are called single ore and rock, such as limestone is composed by more than 98% of CCO3. The rocks composed of two or more of the mineral composition are called multi-mineral rocks, such as granite is composed of feldspar, quartz, mica. According to the form reason, the rocks can be divided into three categories: igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks.

We all know that the mine refers to the mineral aggregates. People often use used the ore grade to measure the value of the ore, but the useful components and the harmful components that contained in the mine also effects the value of mine. The so-called ore is the rock that can be industrially extracted (such as processed by the impact crusher, ball mill, and the other equipments) from the rock of metals and other compounds under the current technical conditions. It must be pointed out, the definition is relative, it depends not only on modern technology conditions, but also according to the ore specific resources and needs of the national economy of a country. The ore that contains only one kind of useful mineral or metal is called the single pray, for example, the copper minerals that contains only one kind of useful copper ore .the called composite ore contain two or more kind of useful minerals or metals, such as lead-zinc ore, copper, nickel ore.

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