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Thus, techniques such as stuffing, repeated dozens of times the word, at the risk of that the text loses all meaning, “or hidden text” once-popular technique of black-hat, or the spinning of articles, the same article, paraphrased, that “look like other” – has been finally forgotten. Want to make an effective SEO writing? Is significant, write for your readers, is relevant. Do not be afraid to use synonyms, Google also recognized. Simply make your articles relate to the keyword or keywords you wish to promote. Whatever next.

From now on, let’s agree on one thing: the keywords as such, and tags as keywords or phrases, only retain their privileged place for PPC campaigns, typically Adwords and Adsense. When thinking about content for your site, think about concepts, not keywords. We propose the following exercise, which will broaden your chances of SEO writing. Make a list of all topics related to their business, without thinking of word s key. For example, imagine that you devoted to temporary rentals in Madrid. His texts SEO writing can talk about: Stock Market Barrios amenities minimum recommended specifications of the contracts with tenants of other Experiences in Madrid Attractions Madrid university courses Cost of living in Madrid Transport in the city of Madrid and a laaaaaaaaaaaargo etc. It’s simple, is not it? I bet that in postings related to these issues will be possible to insert at least one anchor text.

Recall that anchor text is a word or phrase with a link to a specific landing page. That is real and true. Do not you feel liberated by not having to use a program to calculate the keyword density or other similar inventions effectiveness? -Nil. If there is a close friend of the computer-can happen, is not a crime “, to use the old method of paper and pencil. Or record the text and another person to dump a text file. In any case, type. The community, its users and its site rsultaran greatly benefited. Ah!

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