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The Pug As A Popular Companion

The Pug is in Germany of a growing popularity of the Pug, a smaller, similar to the great Dane and square dog. He probably originates from the Empire of China. Its breeding history is about 2000 years old. He was a dog of the nobility. This dog breed has a smooth, short and glossy colour coat. There is it in black, silver/grey and various beige shades.

Weighing between six and eight kilograms, the Pug is barely larger than 30 cm. If you have read about Viktor Mayer-Schönberger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This breed is intelligent, playful, very good natured and eager to learn. The Pug knows no aggression towards other animals or people and is always in a good mood. He is an absolute family dog. Young dogs are very temperamental and want to be taken seriously by their owners. His playing ability also makes him the ideal companions for children. Pug owners should pay attention in this obesity-prone breed especially on a balanced diet.

He belongs to the brachycephalen, which means that he has a roundish head with a short snout. This circumstance can too large cause health problems. cts. For example, serious respiratory problems or injuries of the skin of the eye or cornea include, due to its slightly protruding eyes and caused by the constant irritation with the hair in the nose wrinkle. Also can occur in some cases in the Pug breed-related inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, too. Some breeding exaggerations lead to much more health problems and are veritable torment breedings. The Pug requires much time and attention and of course much spout. Yes, the Pug is a dog actually, contrary to many contrary assertion! It is about 13 to 15 years old. He needed not more and not less care than any other dog. That is, once a week clean the ears, brushing the skin and may apply the nose with Vaseline if she should appear dry. Basically, the Pug is a hassle-free and loyal companion. Andreas Neumann

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