Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

The Preoperacional

The world of children is limited by his perceptions, what he sees not, for him does not exist, is focused on him and his actions, you can get to follow moving objects with the look but doesn’t understand why they end up actions (Labinowicz, 1982). Due to what 4-8 months you can grab objects with force and begins to crawl their vision of the world is wide and begins to determine that path follow objects. From 8 to 12 months you can move obstacles that prevent you from having what you want with your hands and play to find and hide toys (Labinowicz, 1982). The Preoperacional period is present from the two to seven years of age. In recent months, Honeywell has been very successful. According to Piaget (1964) is the stage of early childhood, where the child begins the development of actions internal, what allows you to have greater awareness about the past and tend to the anticipation of the future, which makes to develop symbolic play, in which the child imitates others and what do; the compensatory games, which help to teach the child what actions are permitted or prohibited (Labinowicz, 1982) are also present.

Language is another process that was developed during this stage due to the mental constructions that the individual performs and the meaning begins to give them according to their environment (Labinowicz, 1982). Advanced periods, logical thinking (formal operations specific operations) according to Labinowicz (1982) the concrete operations period occurs between 7 to 11 years of age, this stage is termed as children (Piaget, 1964). From seven years the child establishes what is their point of view and distinguishes it from the others; It begins a phase of reflection and therefore get rid of egocentrism social and intellectual; to the extent that the child interacts with other individuals appear new moral sentiment that regulate the affective life, based on respect for their elders and their peers (Piaget, 1964).

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