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The Nose

Each jaw half has three sharp incisors, which in addition to the so-called hook teeth, also called Cuspids, sit. The ear of the Dog’s ear is one of the most important sensory organs of the dog. From birth, this is completely pronounced and perceives sounds in frequency ranges that nowhere can be heard by humans. For comparison: the frequency range of the human ear begins at 16 Hertz, ranging maximum 20,000 hertz. The frequency spectrum of the dog reaches about 50,000 hertz.

Dogs are able to detect very high tones, and to locate them through their flexible ears exactly. This highly developed sense of hearing gives dogs capable of perceiving sound sources in the high frequency range. Also they can perceive up to two Hertz also elephants, frequencies of Infraschalls. Not only because of the wider frequency range, the dog is far superior to the people, but also with regard to the localization of sound sources. That relates to the mobile ear, which is controlled by 17 different ear muscles.

This is the four-legged capable, three-dimensional listening. Sometimes the ear also functions as a passive Means of communication. It is so-called signal transmitter which signals the State of mind of a dog. This highly developed sense organs is needed in some dog breeds special care to counteract inflammation prophylactically. Normally to clean dog ears itself and you need not to worry. Large dirt or dust we recommend you wipe the visible parts of the ear with a soft cloth. By some breeds hair growth can occur quickly to a blockage of the ear canal. Here is on regular cut, because otherwise the Earwax can be transported outwards not more and no air is introduced into the ear canal. It can come to dangerous fungal infections, which can permanently damage the organ. The treatment should be performed regularly by a vet. The nose of the dog, the most important body of the dog is his nose. A particularly sensitive organ, whose sense of smell is extremely pronounced. A dog smells one in relation to the people Million times better and can his sniffing smells much more intensively to absorb. Dogs detect prey with the nose, smell danger, or use them for the partner search. Comparison: the man has approximately five million olfactory cells, the dog, however, over 220 million. The man exploits this sensitive sense of smell, by the DEA uses dogs or explicitly makes so-called avalanche dogs.

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