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The Ice

In any case, and depending on the problem analyzed, the duration may be about an hour. Nor is it desirable that the session is very short, since the first few minutes are usually the obvious ideas that come out and break the ice a little, and as the session progresses, he goes deeper and stringing ideas. All ideas are scored on a blackboard for everyone to follow them (today, the moderator can have a computer and a projector). Not be ruled out none, and therefore in principle seeks the quantity rather than quality, since in many cases the good ideas come from other than first seemed outlandish, or as a union or synthesis of several earlier. The moderator can promote itself is intending this kind of modifications or developments of ideas. It can also cause a little healthy rivalry-so, of course.

In many cases, this competition encourages a lot of idea generation. So it's good that the components of brainstorming are a team with a lot of diversity, different departments, different status, different ages, men and women … as they can generate more ideas than (this is another of the shortcomings that often make, do a brainstorming between people of the same department, and similar thoughts about the problem at hand). After the meeting, the moderator can try to force a little machine ("to see if we get five ideas"). Once completed, they will give participants a list of ideas, for service on that day or the next day, if they happen to something else. The final decision on the best option may retake the same group, or a different one. In any case, the session participants should be informed of what has been the final decision. Finally, note that brainstorming does not apply to the resolution of any problem (and this is another reason for which this technique is often underestimated, because it is used improperly.) So, can serve to generate ideas for a product name, brand, packaging design … but hardly serve, for example, to answer whether we should open a shop in the north of the city.

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