Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Tecnology Pusch

Not following Schumpeter, the innovation is not exgena to the economic system. Royal Dutch Shell has much experience in this field. The neo-schumpeterianos defend a simbitica relation with the economic system. In the crises, not it means that it does not have inventions. It has a storage of innovative resources. In the launching of a new idea, other agents will still follow it and the firm at the adequate moment spear hand of the invention in project. In the three last decades the neo-schumpeterianos had studied the question of the technological innovation, arguing, in terms of critical and new models, advancing in new questions. Two modalities are detached: i) Tecnology Pusch: normally this modality of technological innovation is glue to the technological leadership, stimulating the economy by means of P&amp fort; D and tends to determine walking of the innovations; e, II) Demand Pull: This modality tends leads to follow them of the market, following of close its development, to determine where and when to innovate.

The demand tends to push the firms to promote innovations (DOSI, 1982 and 1988). For the neo-schumpeterianos, the critical one is the technological efemeridade, what demand the continuous development of innovations technological. Exists one? theoretical body? only of the technology: technology, science and economy, have thing that the technology by itself does not explain. The technological chances are limited to the accumulated scientific knowledge; the technology depends on science, on of an accumulated knowledge. It is reaffirmed symbiosis technology/economy/science. For the neo-schumpeterianos science imposes what it has that to be developed in set with the economic system, beeper of the similar areas. The market is important while selectivity paper, but it is not everything, because the technology also has proper especificidades, ephemeral, of the accumulation of the knowledge and the synergy and sincronia of the Inter-relations between agent parts (FREEMAN, 2000; TIGER, 1998). The interactions of the market are part of the objective to consider using a body analtico.2.2? The TecnologiTodo the movement of the innovation for technological improvement is related to the solution of problems, when the solution only if of supported for especificidades the techniques.

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