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When it comes to increase the levels of security at facilities of any kind, more recent systems provide better solutions than the traditional ones. Back have been systems of access, security guards. Also, controls for assistance, for cards that are agujeraban, also are thing of the past. Technology allows to implement better systems that deliver impressive results. One biometric designs, that is most striking, is face recognition. These devices are based on technology that captures the facial features of individuals. Then these details are stored in a data bank and when a person re-visita facilities, attendance control system back to capture the individual facial details and runs a stored details and the last comparison process.

When the comparison is positive signal that so does know is given. A biometric facial recognition system consists of a camera that helps capture images of persons. It also has a device that gives notification of time and a computer that helps to record and archive information. These systems are easy to install and maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Facial recognition is one of the best solutions for the control of assistance, since he eliminates the use of paper and pens. More information is housed here: BMC. The previous systems, which were made by hand, were not accurate and it was difficult to store all the recorded data.

Thus, the storage of these data was problematic, with facial recognition should not use roles and no written reports of any kind. The information the device captures is recorded electronically in an internal database, which reduces the possibility of data loss. Apart from this, facial recognition, for attendance control systems, have a digital clock, which offers an optimum level of precision. With this system people can not alter the time of arrival or departure. Furthermore, the system makes sure of that each person can only report your income or output. As you can see biometric systems, face recognition, they are ideal to keep track of attendance at any type of installation. When using these devices as biometric clocks, the job performance of the employees of a company increases significantly. Moreover, these are very simple to use, accessible and friendly with the user devices.

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