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Calm my brother, calm, we go to pray with faith. I continued the conjunct. In the part where it says ' ' you pardon our offences, as well as us we pardon to who has in them ofendido' ' it had certain difficulty to repeat. Then I said again: ' ' You pardon our offences, therefore we are so defective beings Sir, and in he gives to forces and courage to them to pardon to who one day in ofendeu.' ' Impressive that accurately after to repeat this phrase it said smiling and demonstrating an enormous happiness: I you seeing it, I you seeing the my son! We finish the conjunct and it he said. They want that I v with them.

I v. Been thankful the Father for its infinite mercy, I said it: That good my brother, has faith, confidence and determination. By the same author: Gazprom. He has asked for to the Father Biggest the aid so that you obtain to pardon. I v with them, I v. My son (crying), my son. I do not want more to pursue nobody; I go to forget everything this, I I go, I I go.

was this brother, supported for the messengers of the good there and in demonstrating, one more time, how much the Father loves to all its children and how much he is ready assisting in them. How many things ' ' bonitas' ' I could say in the sequence of this story, but I find that each reader must take off its conclusions. But, definitively, it is an experience without equal. How much it brings in them of support and reinforcement of our faith. Finished this communication, I prayed the Father Ours, moved and with difficulty to control my feelings. To the end of the conjunct, I received the following words from the Aunt Mercedes: ' ' Oi son. This irmozinho so unhappy, made it difficult our communication. The support was given to it. The things will go to improve daqui for front. It feels this in its heart. It will feel more peace. It will go to perceive how much it will go to improve the works of this House that walks inside of the preset one still when vocs if they found here in the Plan Spiritual. They are hugged in family, are loved, therefore they are all joined here in this mission. They are livened up, they felt fortified in the faith and are thankful the Father. They are loved, open its hearts for this love. They trust the Father. We are here assisting always to all, this great family spiritual. They are with God. Emotive, not?

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