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Sepp Herberger In The Train From Berne To Germany

Original films of Deutsche Bahn from 1954 Kempten surfaced, October 2009 Sepp Herberger in the train from Berne back to Germany: the winning team of 1954, he celebrates in the train compartment of the Deutsche Bahn. To see in old original movies of the Deutsche Bahn. For many years the films of the 1950s and 1960s were years in the Federal film archive, now they are films in the film Publisher wk & f as railway nostalgia”on DVD appeared. In a rousing message style of the 50s the documentation of blow by blow covers the following topics: 1954 World Cup the German internationals on their return journey in the train can be seen… The triumphant reception time historically interesting scenes on the DVD show the”heroes of Berne in the German railway stations. Fritz Walter signed a football and this is from the train compartment, to the passionate thousands who fill the stations. In the film of the Deutsche Bahn but also steam locomotives and the first electric locomotives can be seen.

In addition, shows important events of the year 1954: In June, Bavaria is a Ravaged by floods. The railway is the only supply line in the city of Passau cut off from the outside world. Shows the time of the reconstruction is the new direction in the war destroyed Kaiser bridge between Mainz and Wiesbaden, and one of the most ambitious steel bridge construction projects of the time, the connection between Ingolstadt and Donauworth. For the first time, the Bundesbahn rolls their luxury class on Rails. The DVD fate in 1954 “is one of over 60 titles from the archives of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, that nostalgia films are released under railway. More DVD show steam locomotives, railway lines, first diesel Locos and many cars of the 50’s and 60’s. At Mitchel Resnick you will find additional information. A trailer for the film can film Verlag wk & f to be seen: fate year 54.html

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