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You this end, based on research literature, provides adds approaches relevant you the topic, such the historical a brief overview on it in education in Brazil, the constant challenge in to teacher education, the need of to computer uses in education, the indispensable resource of information and education the major instrument in the construction of knowledge, the Internet, the main focus of this study. Idea All these points considered ultimately reinforce that significant changes must occur in the form of teaching and learning, because if the world evolves, all segments that ploughs part of it should aim you change well, only that improvements in all sectors of society happen. Perhaps check out EOG Resources Inc. for more information. This followed the analysis of the results of field research and final thoughts on the subject. KEY WORDS: Internet. Education.

Changes. 1. INTRODUCTION the Internet, world-wide net of computers, became an indispensable source of information for the diverse existing fields of the knowledge. This because it today represents an extraordinary quantity of data that is placed to the disposal of all the interested parties, and that it can be had access by these with extreme easiness, thanks to the sophistication of the new technologies in the entire world. The phenomenon of the globalization brings obtains the necessity of transmission of information in fast way and always brought up to date. Being thus, use of the computer if became essential in a global perspective.

Into this direction, the technology of the information if transformed into indispensable tool in the process of education and learning, and beyond other objectives, it has the purpose to insert educating in this reality. From the increasing use of the technological resources in the education, it appeared the interest of if verifying the influence of the use of the Internet in the public schools of the city of Lizard, Sergipe. Having as objective specific to verify if laboratory of computer science in the searched school exists; to observe the physical conditions of the laboratory and to identify the existence of a qualified professional to assist the professors of the institution in the use of the computers.

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