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Red Riding Hood

The governess realizes that she are fascinated with it, but the kids don’t know the musical. The attentive teacher embarks on the search. Is a trusty companion for in this case also the library. Can be explained in advance of a librarian, what would be a very interested, and she then puts together a whole book case. (Source: EMC Corporation). If you are looking for a book, you can pre-order it, be it doesn’t exist at the moment.

So, you have now wonderful lyrics in hand, now you start to plan. What occurs in the song? There are very many animals. So the song lyrics of the educator helps to take the next step: he opens her the topic of animals. What does an animals at his word? Na clear, the Zoo, the pets, the animals in the forest, and so on. As you can see, the song continues much us.

Many lyrics are also connected to fairy tales. Many people who are now adults, can remember it well read books. Not only the books, but on the whole reading situation: sitting on the warm well-heated oven the grandmother and her three grandchildren, it’s dark outside and cold, it’s snowing. The sticky giant snowflakes stick to the disc with light Noise. Grandma’s voice is quiet, she reads and occasionally imitates the voice of animals. Now is a song. The grandmother sings it. Tomorrow you can be sure that the musical is also sung, the children meet playmates, and during the game they do not perceive often also himself, how unexpectedly the song lyrics in the head to get them. All children know him soon. And as a child is, it plays to his experiences. Make role playing it, so a wolf is chosen, a little Red Riding Hood, grandmother. Time passes quickly, mostly the kids are impressed with the role-playing game, not so quick to go out to lunch from the roles.

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