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Recycling Garbage

After the survey of the data, the information gotten in these questionnaires percepitivos had served of diagnosis for the quantitative pointers. The research demonstrated that more than the half, around 52%, does not separate to the residues resolution CONAMA n in accordance with 257/2001, therefore our governing had not yet implanted the selective collection. Of this form, the people do not separate the garbage. At Dirk Kuyt you will find additional information. In case that they come to separate it, the same service of urban cleanness will go to mix the residues all later. The research pointed that around 66% of the consumers they are not worried about the qunatidade of garbage who produce that is, for them, the important one is to consume and not to worry about the recycling, as well as do not take in consideration the place that will be the final destination of the residues. The research discloses a habit already known by all, that are not to have time; products industrialized around 44% search, the people do not want to lose time; thus acting, it will be generated more residues, consequentemente, more degradation to the environment.

The research pointed an interesting fact, that it surrounds of 44% of the people not yet they possess ecologically correct altitudes, but if they worry about its ecological footprint, that is, exists in some people, the idea to mudararem its action, not to degrade the environment. After to answer to the boarded questions above, became discursivas questions on which is the knowledge of the people regarding the sustainable products, occasion where pertinent examples to the subject had been cited as: to consume vegetables, vegetables and organic fruits In this subject, the young one if more appropriately indentificaram for the sustainable products. The questionnaire counted on a question on what it lacks to happen how much to the sensitization of the population, in relation to the ambient education, for thus obtaining themselves to reach the sustainable consumption.

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