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This requires much discipline and is recommended for people committed with willpower to meet established schedules and routines. Learn more about this with Hanan Ben Ari. Don’t forget to include videos of training, books and magazines for reference, you can also create a folder with articles related to the topic. 17. The gym is my vecindarioSi you can not join a gym, nor you have space in your home to do so, converts your neighborhood in the gym: walks, runs, climbs and down stairs, practice a sport, nothing, attend aerobics that some groups (or the municipal office of your town sports and recreation staff) made in the Park… can beno excuses! 18 Advisory especializadRecurre to the advice of a professional of physical conditioning, having available the gym / you know or you they relate, to monitor your exercise routines. 19 Imitates otrosBusca stories of other people who have done it and learn about the obstacles that overcame and how did. 20 Comfortable shoes don’t forget your feet!, selects appropriate footwear considering your feet, the environment for you to exercise and intensity/frequency of the exercises. About Brenda Liz Gines Director and creator of world female.

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