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Preparing Coffee

Coffee is a wonderful drink which nourish the love of very different people. They may be in different time zones in different passage history of the time, they have different views on life, different cultural values and customs. And because The world today is difficult to count and find out all the ways of making coffee. For some it's simple everyday action, but for someone almost mysterious ritual. This article discusses the most popular methods, but you may come up with their own, unique. And if so step number one – to choose and buy coffee, Pass, pass to the second – to prepare.

1. Turk (Cezve) has a receptacle for a lot of coffee names – Turk Cezve, srdzhep, ibrik, Dally. Or just a small saucepan with a long handle. For convenience, and the habit will continue to use the word Turk. The Turks are very diverse.

They differ in size, shape, and material from which made. Turk can be completely clay, or completely made of copper. Can be copper with a wooden handle. And maybe aluminum, but it would be better off never happened. Coffee prepared in Turkish, to be called "Turkish coffee". While the debate about the the right recipe for "Turkish coffee" (see recipes coffee), would probably not subside ever, the essence of coffee in the Turk remains the same. The technology is simple, and usually a win-win. If done correctly, the coffee turns out amazingly delicious! In the Turk poured coffee, filled with water several times and brought to a boil.

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