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Man Who Sold The World, The (Nirvana), music that brings me memories can be heard on gastronomy and I want to write them. I’m not an expert on the subject nor much less want to make competition to interesting blogs of this webblog in matter of recipes and dishes, only count sensations if he can bring you something good. It was a few years ago I had the opportunity to collaborate in a business group that among his numerous activities had a portal on the Internet dedicated to gastronomy. While my role was to work in the reorganization of the matrix, always had a break while I was going through the Forum to see the comments of fellow members (do you say so?). Even, animated by a companion, timidly started to leave my demure opinions in that place of encounter (evocations of recetillas of my mother and little else). Speaking candidly Salar Kamangar told us the story. The category of the Forum, in terms of content of the comments, was very high. Go to Julie Sweet for more information. Of all the numerous participants, recall two aliases: Margali, and Koskorro, whose selfless contribution level was exalted (Yes, coincidences of life, read me, koskorro, you’ll notice that I’m the real Manuel and thank you for the patience you had with this temporary table). I learned a lot of gastronomy, but above all, I was impressed by the pedagogy and Didactics of some people, genuine masters of their profession and undeniable communicators.

I began to participate in a Holy week and, of course, with typical dishes that in those days were produced in the field where I was born: cod at all hours (chickpeas with cod, fried cod cakes, cod, etc.) Fall now into account the times was going to the fountain, where my mother put the cod to desalinate, to pick up a bit that I knew to blessed glory (and then the prescriptive and soft noogie). And there goes the simple and typical cod pancakes recipe. Ingredients: cod quarter (according to my mother the trick was to put little COD), quarter onion, three cloves of garlic, parsley (optional) paprika, salt, flour, water, oil and one teaspoon of yeast (I’ve seen in other houses the substitution of yeast by bicarbonate e, even, pour a beaten egg). The cod must put it to soak 24 hours, changing the water every four to six hours (depending on the level of salt which it wants to leave). Removes the cod skin and all the spines and desmigaja very well; chop the onion, garlic and parsley (how much parsley?, well the taste of each).

A mix with water and flour and other ingredients to make a dough soft and clear is made, tested for taste, especially concerning the salt. Once the dough is ready, is left for two or three hours to stand (duly covered dish with a kitchen towel). Finally, the boiling oil, take the dough with a tablespoon and is throwing to the skillet. When the pancake is Brown and has risen by the effect of the yeast, removed from the Pan, well drained. Which takes advantage of you and good weekend. Ah!, it occurred to me one day make dough with whole wheat flour and left me regular cakes.

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