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In addition, there is the possibility to trigger an emergency alarm button. Pressing the panic button, the respective position coordinates of the child in case of danger will be shipped. Furthermore, zones can be defined, upon entering or leaving a warning is triggered either via email, SMS or Messenger, etc.. The child, for example, of his usual school comes off or unexpectedly away from the playground and leaves to a previously defined zone, parents will be informed promptly by a warning signal. PositionTracer at a glance: 3D-Ortung (three evaluable factors: altitude, speed and direction of movement) live location via the Internet (customers can log in to the private area of the PositionTracer server and perform real-time locations here) position archive (all travelled routes can be evaluated, for example, to the logbook update and track log) emergency button (option the help call, specifying the exact position at disorientation, illness, accident, abduction, etc.) Site notification via SMS/email over the air (OTA) programming (all PositionTracer settings can be changed via SMS) suitable for mobile phones with operating system Windows Mobile 5 and 6, or Symbian 9.1 (and higher) technical requirements: the software PositionTracer is installed on GPS enabled mobile phones.

It is advisable to use mobile phones with integrated GPS antenna. It is also possible to connect an external antenna via Bluetooth to the phone. Short portrait SecurStar GmbH: The SecurStar GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2001 as a merger of ScramDisk Inc., software professionals Ltd. and Telstar industries. Today, the company is market leader in the field of disk encryption software and computer security.

As an IT security specialist SecurStar is able to respond to the specific needs of different industries. The core competencies include the development and Production of cryptografischer hardware and software, finding new IT security solutions, consulting in the field of IT security as well as the computer and network security. Objective is the achievement of more user friendly, more flexible and more secure applications on the basis of its own newly developed technologies. Thereby, the company comprises the IT sector from renowned specialists and renowned experts. The customer mobile phone manufacturers such as Ericsson include companies of the automotive industry such as Fiat, Volvo and VW, banks and financial institutions such as Citibank, as well as Scotland Yard and defence ministries of various States.

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