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This is called passive safety measures and consists of regularly making copies of our files in other types of support. There are several options in the market and your choice depends primarily on the amount of data that we need to store and cost of these brackets. -CDROM a good system for personal users, is cheap and can store 600 MB for supports standards. -CDRW unlike the CDROM can be recorded and erased a large number of times, but given the low cost of the CDROM should arise If it is worth. -Removable drives (different capacities) – units optical sub-fibers, 900 MB can be stored. -DAT tapes that can be stored between 2 and 4 GB. -DLT between 20 and 40 GB tapes.

-Up to 250 MB ZIP drives. The choice of any system as we have already said will depend on our needs, but we must take into account something very important, durability and the manipulation of the medium you choose. The CDROM media are reliable but open emulsion. Although it is protected by a layer of plastic, it is susceptible to scratches which can disable them. In addition, chemical emulsions are manufactured with which decompose in time destroying the data. Although in this aspect there is still not an exact criterion of time, we can speak of a minimum time of 30 years.

An additional advantage of the CDROM is the immediate access to the data stored, unlike tape systems, which need to be previously overturned. Optical sub-fibers drives are very safe and a service life far superior to the rest, data in This support are engravings by burning of the emulsion, it is heated to a certain temperature to be recorded and subsequently cools the system gave rise to an application in the world of audio with the creation by SONY of the Mini-Disc whose tiny electromagnet bracket is capable of supporting more than one hour of audio. This support, to be a non-magnetic medium, is not influenced by intense magnetic fields as in the case of the tapes. Emulsion is usually protected in a housing. The tapes have a great durability although they may also experience side effects magnetic if they are stored for a long time in some places, especially in terms of temperature conditions refers. Tapes need to be recorded in a special software, which will be missing to return to retrieve the information. It is very important in these cases to use generalized programs recording, enabling a wide compatibility with other systems and users, as well as that have a good technical support at the time. ZIP drives can keep folder hierarchies, add protection by passwords and store a large number of files into a single file taking up much less space than the original.

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