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Manuel Horeth Amazes

“Watching this man knows their number since the 13th, it is again: The Next Uri Geller” goes into the second round. The Pro seven show should take your breath away the TV viewers and bring magical moments. This year, imagine the probing eye of Uri Geller’s that ten candidates and try using new ideas to spark enthusiasm. With spectacular experiments of the last season, especially the two finalists Farid and winner Vincent Raven the impossible made possible. A new team of Mentalists is now willing to step into her shoes. One of them is the Austrian Manuel Horeth.

Already in the first show, he caused a stir and delivered the perfect kick-off for the second season. Art thoughts to control it has become a profession anywhere in the world people earn their living by fortune-telling. Offer their services to the people and sometimes manage to predict the future, even to them. A few are blessed with broader capabilities. Skills that can help others and not rarely dazzle. Uri Geller finds one that will amaze the people and inspire with exceptional now, an equal opponent for Vincent Raven. In Manuel Horeth, he encounters the first real contender. The Salzburg mind Twister immediately became an audience favorite and was not only the wizard Mariella Ahrens and Simon Gosejohann puzzled in the dark fall.

A book marks his way at the age of 8 years, saw a magic show Manuel for the first time. Quickly it was clear to him, that he wants to be even a Mage. He was encouraged by his grandfather, who gave a book his 14th birthday, which should henceforth shape the life of the young Altenburgers. If others spent youthful time on the football field or in the cinema, read Manuel in his book and suited to a wide variety of magical abilities. Unlike many colleagues, specializes in Manuel but not only the psychic itself, but tried to mind control, he can control it. So he made It turned to people to him, and looked him in the eye. Today, influenced he randomly selected to filter out a phone number prefixed by him from millions of other and receives great respect by the master of Uri Geller personally. “Now bend the forks in addition to Manuel are still eight other candidates in the race for the title of The Next Uri Geller” and surprise with new imaginative magic art. So, fork instead of spoon bent, proven double Mage connections or just any phone number predicted. All of them skills bring that seem so unreal and as fathomless for the mind. “But only one can ultimately win and with the man with the Ravens ‘ measure. It remains so exciting at the end, and especially unpredictable.

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