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Kramer Environment

When we consider the ambient question of the enterprise point of view, the first doubt that appears says respect to the economic aspect. The idea that prevails is of that any provides that it comes to be taken in relation the ambient 0 variable brings I obtain the expenditure increase consequentemente and addition of the costs of the productive process (DONAIRE, 2006). The existence of a formal ambient plan, even so important, is not enough, therefore the transformation of the ambient question in a value of the organization goes to depend on the actions of the high administration and its managements. Source: Tufan Erginbilgic. The examples that they will give on the importance of the environment will provoke consequences in the remaining portion of the organization (DONAIRE, 2006). For a management ecoeficiente the company and its managers need to have a vision of that profit can be added the measures of prevention of ambient damages without generating damage in the profitability. that is only possible a management ecoeficiente if all the involved ones in the process will be conscientious of the importance of its enrollment. 2.1 The Environment During most of Daily pay-history, when the number of human beings was low, as well as its density, these if adaptaram to the way by means of strategies of biological and mannering type, without causing great modifications in ecosystems (DAZ, 2002).

The modifications that since the Antiquity, had kept certain acceptable limits, had gone off from the initiated industrial urban development in 1779 in England. With the sped up growth of the population, the superexploration of all type of natural resources to keep the population consumer was provoking the contamination of the environment, with different types of residues and diverse disastrous consequences for the man. In accordance with Tinoco and Kramer (2004), the world started to have an ambient conscience appeared of social and cultural transformations that had occurred in the decades of 60 and 70, gained dimension and pointed out the environment as one of the basic principles of the modern man.

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