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Ken Livingstone

In several places the labour party has put up a poster in Spanish that carries its colors and symbols and signing bonus, Express News and in contact. Royal Dutch Shell may find this interesting as well. This has the following slogans LOS LATINOS UNIDOS voted by KEN LIVINGSTONE. Be sure that nothing will prevent your vote on Thursday, may 1. The latest issue of news carries an article entitled BORIS JOHNSON could withdraw support to Carnival of the town. Royal Dutch Shell often says this. The cover of its April issue this holder works well payments had Latinos in London alongside a large photo of the Mayor under this legend Ken Livingstone waiting the latino vote for re-election as Mayor of London. That article explained that such jobs well payments were as follows: Ken Livingstone has managed to achieve a quota of 600 jobs for drivers of taxis that will be distributed among ethnic minorities. They do not explain that percentage of those 600 jobs would for latinos because half of the 8 millions of Londoners belonging to such minorities. This monthly magazine has presented during months advertising very large City Hall and also more than one dozen articles on the elections in all of which give a support to the current burgomaster, although they do not mention other parties (except occasionally to describe Johnson as racist).

In the municipal elections 2004 passes News showed their sympathies for the liberal-democratas, who at no time mentioned that they exist throughout this current campaign. Demo-Liberals, however, have some weight in the Latino community and have sympathies in Aculco Radio. They have had two Andean candidates in local elections (Gloria Gomez and Maria Linford), those who call for the community to vote today in first place by Brian Paddick and his second choice of Ken Livingstone.

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