Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

ISBN Becker

“Correction of wrong decisions with cost and capital losses connected once location decisions can also be used, if they only sub-optimal” are difficult to get correct or undo. In addition, these corrections, but with a longer time horizon and substantial cost and capital losses were connected. In advance, so must everything be taken that such situations can happen not only humanly. A site accountability report presented by the local Government must be so even more as for the company being already in place. w. If on the part of the economic development not sufficient quality or detailed report can be exposed to all success-relevant location factors, no way passes itself or by a third party out to create such a report in its own House. A clear balance sheet structure of the site delivers the required work helps in this case. Location decisions are outstanding leadership decisions and as a such not delegable. In the foreground is the general interest, the dominance of area and individual interests must be prevented.

While you may assume that entrepreneurs would already face a seemingly insurmountable apparent accumulation of problems and therefore no time remained to deal with even more intensively with the choice of the correct location. But this is a serious fallacy. If the entrepreneur must deal intensively with all features and background facts of the site envisaged by him he on appropriate job AIDS is instructed. If these are not available or accessible, the entrepreneur must create if necessary his own instruments in the site evaluation. This is not just an expense perceived as troublesome, but leads also to valuable findings in advance of the business activity, can be observed already in first credit talks with development agencies and banks. A comprehensive balance sheet representation of human Existence founder factors is being developed with Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur rating, ISBN 978 3 8370 7284 6 and that building also by Becker, Jorg: entrepreneur potential, ISBN 978 3 83707504 5 CF. Becker, Jorg: surveying the sites, ISBN 9783837067248 accounting for personal factors to support Becker, Jorg: checking personal credit crisis-proof credit, ISBN 978 3 8391 6418 1 cf. Becker, Jorg: strategic potential-check of the location, ISBN 9783837049787 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

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