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“Milieu, our software specialist said after recently thought: then we take just a content management system and adapt it to our needs!” After a first moment it then quickly went ahead and proved that the decision was correct. We open source software eZ publish set up as CMS, one of the most powerful tools at the time. The necessary adjustments in the administration designed is fairly straightforward, initially primarily concerned the disabling of standard functionality of the CMS templates and site access settings, not needed for our 360 degree feedback. The actual logic of our application, how the role concept for the stakeholder groups or the figure of competence hierarchies or tenant administration, to integrate (which was amazing!) and left quickly in the Internet research and programming (open source, thank!). Only one and a half months after the first briefing was our USP-D 360 degree feedback ready for final integration testing.

Since the trial expired surprisingly healthy, the application could be unlocked after another two weeks for the production. The (preliminary) overall development costs with the help of eZ publish are only around 35% of a conventional reprogramming! Now many feedback about the new application for different customers could be carried out. There were problems up to date only with a user who does not successfully could perform Internet Explorer version 6 (!) access to the website and a PDF download (brochure) with one, while the actual functionality was not restricted. Though I have to do for about 25 years with software development, I can not remember a smoother project. We are glad to have this unusual way at USP-D ( The development time was very short and the system runs the cost even less stable and error-free. With this positive We provide us with experiences in the background now often the question: with a content management system to manage content. But what can you do still with them? “How would it be with?”

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