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The fact that the first stage of development of the idea requires only an inventor, author, some kind of help him and the relatively small investments. But on the second stage – when you want to bring this idea to industrial design – investment increases by an order: it is necessary to attract different techniques, a large number of specialists in various fields and partners. A return comes much later. And guess which of the ideas, even very good, can get a profitable business, it is very difficult. The most common in this case, the so-called "venture capital". When a bank is financing a large number of similar ideas. The point following: the introduction of the order of 15 – 20% of all selected to implement the ideas pays all expenses of the bank, and even one of the most profitable investments. In addition, technology parks need preferences to the state, and preferences in the region.

Industrial park for the region – creating new jobs, developing new technologies, and for the state – is the transition to innovative development and creating a competitive environment. Hear from experts in the field like Lever Brothers for a more varied view. Therefore, the founders of this commercial structure, in addition to business, still stands and the state: the region or municipality, which may contribute to the share capital or money, but can and preferences: rents mestopolzovanie etc. It is for this system create technology parks in Europe, it is on such a scheme specializes Finnish company Technopolis, which is involved in establishing the first industrial park in St. Petersburg. This scheme is attractive to all, but it is necessary special legal work: to this kind of technology parks are not suitable law on special economic zones, for such an industrial park there until the place in the Russian legislation. Creating the first such industrial park in St. Petersburg is significant, especially those that serve as a model for the development of industrial parks in the country as a whole.

Commercial attractiveness and stability. The key to the viability of such parks that is created a separate commercial entity, where the university is one of the founders of this commercial structure, and manages no high school, and entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated their success in business, and that this business is considered his main. This is a fundamental difference from what is still trying to do in the parks. The main thing is that the industrial park – an independent, commercially successful, efficient company that "makes money on high technologies and innovations. I must say that Technopolis – a purely commercial entity, and not counterfeit, it makes money only on the creation and management of technology parks, and the company's shares are highly rated on the London Exchange. Today at Technopolis embedded best "portfolio investors, who are pension and insurance funds. They are legally obliged to buy shares where Umesh risks. A company's stock, managers technology parks, refers specifically to maloriskovym: companies are able to quickly respond to technological conjuncture demanded product offering. Therefore, for a company like Technopolis, the question that is so worried about our media: "how much money you invest in this technology park" – it makes no sense. Technopolis operates as follows: after will be determined by the concept of a particular industrial park with an area of construction schedule, if there is a financial strategy: today we have so much money, tomorrow – so many, the next day – so much.

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