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The new Facebook app ‘Bang with Friends’ mediated sex among friends. New is the only fu? r straight: the gay app nearox is la? become a step further. Hamburg, the 19th February 2013 the quick sex-date among Facebook friends is just. Who now wants to know how it would have taken further, the need to look at only the gay app nearox. Are significantly ahead of the gay trend-setter the hetero dating: with a whole cosmos of seductive digital functions around current geo-data, location – and event check-in and partner-matching. In the brave new gay app world is of course also one: dates. But this principle is interpreted by nearox modern than the Facebook app or other gay apps do it. And modern, this means first of all: mobile.

With nearox for iPhone and Android is dating man by geographic location. Doing a search shows what other nearox users reside in the immediate vicinity. (Similarly see: Atmos Energy Corporation). Exact, of course. The direct chat from Smartphone to Smartphone can as to the date on the way to the Leading supermarket. Always close to the man, this is my motto in life Yes. But this app opens up new perspectives even me,”Kiez impresario Corny Littmann says the ex-football manager and Hamburg, is the part of the nearox team. But this is only the basis of pioneering dating via nearox. Because the app checks on request immediately, whether the men’s match since.

The whole thing is then: MatchMe. nearox, both profiles of hobbies compares it to sexual preferences. Is nearox in the gay lifestyle network, whatever knows who he can meet in any location. nearox user checkin in advance for a party at the trendy Club or they check in on the way up in a restaurant. Of course a meeting place can also quickly reconciled, because the nearox location guide makes appropriate recommendations in the current geographical environment of the user. To nearox Managing Director Heiko Fuchs says: stationary is yesterday, today is mobile. Why is nearox its users at every step available, follows him in his very personal local world, in dating and lifestyle belong together.” A detail on the edge: Where always the guys also meet, it is also for the appropriate soundtrack: the own Web radio station can set up international top DJs of the scene. nearox the gay lifestyle network is available as a free download for iPhone and Android. nearox: be different, be nearox! An innovative and free app for gay men, which has been available since December 2011 for the iPhone is nearox via nearox. Since June, 2012 is available nearox for Android smartphones. nearox has the goal set itself, to establish the world’s best gay-lifestyle network for apps and the Web. The most popular gay app is nearox already in the German-speaking world. Worldwide, nearox is successful in more than 130 countries. Behind the Nearox media GmbH is a Hamburg-based team, which is led by the managing directors of Heiko Fuchs and Axel Strehlitz.

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