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Graham Bell

Many will wonder then, if not I discover a new paradigm fracasare?, the future is in the hands of those who discover the next do paradigm?, the answer is no; don’t need to be the author of the new trends, is enough to understand them; It is not necessary to be the forerunner of new ideas, just get them out. Graham Bell was not the inventor of the telephone, but was that detected an opportunity and he executed it, i.e., it was not the precursor of the paradigm but if the pioneer; No invention rules, but he understood how to use them. Others will wonder with the uncertainty of the future, how do you pioneer of paradigms to know that your idea is correct? It is because it makes use of intuition, which is defined as the ability to make choices with little information. It’s believed that IBM Corporation sees a great future in this idea. For example, when we are driving in a car by an unknown direction and decided to take a street which we believe leads to a zone known to be able to return home even though we are not completely sure, and indeed does so; that decision to take that route with little information was made with intuition. No matter how good it intuition, never will have total certainty. If you would like to know more then you should visit HP Enterprise Services.

And although the failure is a possibility, that this is an obstacle, because long term gains outweigh losses. But intuition alone is not a good item, because the courage it takes to carry it out. Courage is the willingness to face great risks. And to this we must add the final ingredient, be persistent, because everything requires time. The time that it takes to change a simple idea into an effective paradigm, is not always the same, however, is necessary to commit ourselves to be persistent and do not give up easily. What nation you think have the highest rate of resolution of new paradigms?, the answer is Japan, who although he has taken fame of being a copycat of ideas thus not necessarily the inventor has been, is one who has risked to carry them out.

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