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Advances in technology of smartphones, as well as falling prices, equipping many of these phones are gps, allowed in most cases replace the standard automotive gps navigator. However, there are still some differences, that actually appear in the safe use of the device and driving. This article discusses some of the differences between the safety of the use of gps navigator in a mobile phone and avtonavigatora separate gps. gps navigator has a number of compelling advantages for travelers venturing into unfamiliar places helps to avoid getting lost, leads us to the nearest service station, rest area or to the hospital, allows us to provide your exact location to emergency services. Although the presence of additional electronic devices in your car or truck can be a distraction, those of us who maintenance, and the path from point to point. Now a new revolution in navigation, particularly with the growing availability of GPS-navigation function on mobile phones, including iPhone, Android and Google Nexus One. Frequently Eliot Horowitz has said that publicly.

However, from a security standpoint, there is compelling arguments as to why gps Navigation on your mobile phone is best used when you are staying or sitting in the passenger seat, and a separate avtonavigator gps in the car remains the best choice: 1. Enjoying forward – to 'read' ears: One of the main risks associated with the use of digital devices in your car or truck is the fact that they distract eyes from the road ahead. Virtually all gps navigation support left on Kutuzovsky ', for example Garmin nuvi 1410. applications for mobile phones, do not always include these features, and the volume and sound quality are usually much better in a separate gps receiver, which has a large phone continues to evolve, their size is smaller, much smaller than in a specialized avtonavigatore gps. Larger screen, more security use. 3. Size and management: It happens that with touch screen is hard work, even if you're not driving.

In mobile phones may also need to press the buttons to control the device, which requires even more harder, accuracy and time management. This can lead to more diversion of your gaze from the situation on the road than when using separate avtonavigatora gps. 4. Head position: some gps navigation can be attached to the windshield or dashboard that does not require additional driver head movement to look at the screen, simply move the eyes to see the screen navigator. Cell phone can often be at when running on battery power to turn the screen to touch the screen or buttons, and to do this again to pull his hand from the steering wheel, which affects driving safety. 6. This is for you can be a surprise: It's easy to forget that the smartphone is also your phone. Delayed calling a mobile phone could interfere with the ability to navigate and to distract from the situation on the road 7. Accuracy: Admission navigator gps signal from space requires an antenna and sensor chip gps. Avtonavigator usually has a high sensitivity gps chipset, which receives signals from gps navigation, even among tall buildings and under the forest canopy. Mobile phone can not provide the same degree of sensitivity and therefore will not be able to assess his place as possible. There is no doubt that technology in mobile phones will continue to improve. But today there are gps navigators as the Garmin Nuvi, TomTom. They are portable and easy to carry in your purse or briefcase.

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